Yahoo! Stores. The Official E-Commerce Platform of Just Professionals

Yahoo! Stores. The Official E-Commerce Platform of Just Professionals

The Choice Between E-commerce Platforms

Getting a business online can be achieved with a diverse and plentiful number e-commerce platforms, each ranging in cost and features. Free e-commerce solutions have the advantage of being free, but require a good deal of work to customize and setup, and if a unique appearance is desired, custom programming by a web developer will be needed. Paid e-commerce solutions offer great value to a business by offsetting the startup, customization and management fees associated with choosing a free or open source solution. Just Professionals recommends a hosted solution unanimously to clients, our platform of choice being the Yahoo! Small Business Merchant Solutions Yahoo! Store.

Free E-commerce Solutions

Free e-commerce platforms have the advantage of being free, of course. Another potential plus is the multitude templates that add a customized, professional appearance and functionality to your site with ease. One has to consider, however, that both the appearance and features added by templates can impose unwanted constraints on your vision.

Other requirements for building your site with free solutions may include:

  • Need to hire a web developer
  • Paying for Server administration
  • Purchasing hosting
  • Dealing with security vulnerability
  • Maintaining SSL certification

Below are some popular free e-commerce solutions.


osCommerce open source ecommerce platform

OsCommerce is one of the leading open-source e-commerce solutions. At the time of this post, osCommerce reports the platform is in use by 12,700 online stores, has over 5,000 add-ons available for functionality, and boasts a very large development community.


Magento Ecommerce Platform

Magento is another free, open source e-commerce solution. Magento claims to be the fastest growing e-commerce platform. With it being open source, a developer could make modifications to how the system functions with some advanced knowledge of PHP.

Zen Cart

zen cart, the art of e-commerce

Zen Cart is a self-hosted free e-commerce solution. It is pretty user-friendly while offering a unique package of features that compete with many paid solutions. I have not had a chance to work with this one myself, but hear some good things about it.


Spree open source e-commerce platform for ruby on rails

Spree is a free, open source platform based on the Ruby on Rails framework. One of the most flexible e-commerce platforms available, Spree features an exceptional system for dynamic functionality. It is very robust and extensible. For anyone with some Ruby and Rails knowledge, it is probably the easiest to install and setup. It also offers a ton of payment gateways, with an API to add your own.

Paid E-commerce Solutions

Paid E-commerce platforms come ripe with features that enable online stores to be deployed quickly and relatively easily, even for businesses with no web experience. Most paid solutions include hosting, with plans to meet each business specific requirements. The most significant benefit of hosted e-commerce solutions is that all server and certification related requirements are met by the provider. Other benefits include guaranteed uptime and 24-hour customer services and support.

The ease and luxury with which a business can deploy their site with paid e-commerce platforms come at a price, literally. Financial considerations in paid e-commerce solutions include fees charged by the provider per transaction…

Yahoo! Stores

Yahoo! stores

Yahoo! Stores, A.K.A. Yahoo! Small Business allows businesses to quickly and easily create their own online shopping cart. Yahoo! comes with the benefit of brand identity, 24-support, hosting and all needed certification. They have pre-built templates that you can select from, or you can create your own template. The Yahoo! store platform is easy to work with, and offers a lot of expandability for your store. They have lots of little features like extra hosting that come with the package.


shopify hosted e-commerce solution

Shopify offers an attractive, user-friendly interface. It is a hosted solution, so they are responsible for all server management and all certification required to sell online. The appearance of your web store with shopify is 100% customizable. They use a special templating system called Liquid which allows developers to fully customize the store, and add custom functionality.


Volusion is a small and medium business e-commerce solution with search engine friendly features. A lot of big name companies have used this system.

amazon webstore

Amazon Webstore is constantly going through changes to make the system better and easier to use. They offer an easy to use interface with plenty of helpful video tutorials . Even someone with little web experience can do a bit of customization. You also get the added benefit of your products being spread across the amazon seller central. There are some limitations with this system, but with a new version to be launched soon, there should be a lot of promise.

Why Yahoo! Store is the Best Choice for Us and Our Clients

Just Professionals always recommends going with the Yahoo! store platform for clients when starting a new online business or redesigning an existing store. We recognize the value of this choice for our customers with respect inherent features that include security, brand trust of Yahoo!, and our expertise with the Yahoo! proprietary markup language, RTML. The scalability of Yahoo! stores is also a major factor in our endorsement of the platform. This means whether your online web store sells a couple hundred dollars of merchandise, or a couple million, the platform can handle the traffic.

Initial Cost For a New Yahoo! Store

prices depend on your specific needs

  • Mechant Solutions $25 -$35/mo
  • Transaction fees .5% – 1.5%
  • Base Starter Store $2,000 -$3,000
  • Store enhancements $50 – $1500
  • Custom Designs and Graphics $50 – $500
  • Other services $250/mo

Just Professionals specializes in customizing Yahoo! stores to maximize your store’s potential for growth and ROI. We offer a range of services that have proven time and again to be invaluable for online businesses. In addition to custom functionality for Yahoo! Stores, we also create professional web designs and graphics and marketing solutions for search engine visibility.

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About Jeremy Woertink (Sr. Developer)

As a Ruby programmer, and E-commerce professional, Jeremy helped Just Professionals get to where it is today. He provides the programming muscle to Just Professionals, and plays the bass guitar in a local band for fun.
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  • Jim Scott

    Hi Jeremy, I really appreciate all your help with the info on Yahoo Stores. I was wondering out of all the platfoms that you mention above I didn't see “Site Built It” or aka “Site Sell” was not mentioned. Any reason why? And I would like to have your opinion on this platform as I am strongly considering it. Actually I am caught between a rock and a hard spot between them and Yahoo Stores. Any help you can give will be most appreciated, and thank you so much for your time and consideration.

  • justpros

    Hey Jim, Thanks for the comment. There are many platforms out there. Actually, way too many to be discussed in a single blog post. I am familiar with the Site Built It though. The platforms I chose I would consider just a few of the top. Site Built It is designed for business owners to create their own store and get traffic to it. I would personally not recommend it, but this would have to be something you would need to weigh out. Consider the costs, and also consider the time and effort you plan to put into it. With Yahoo!, you can design your own site, then come back later and have a professional web design company add new features, or give it a new look.

    You can also look at other successful stores and see what tools they use to be successful. There are many INC 500 companies that use the Yahoo! platform. See if you can do some research on some competitors, and other online stores as to what they use. That may give you a better idea of what to choose.

    If you would like to get more information on the pros and cons, you can contact me directly jwoertink_at_justprofessionals_dot_com

    Hope that helps!

  • Robin

    I read your article that included information on the new (beta) Amazon WebStore. I have a bit of news your readers can use.

    The (beta) Amazon WebStore is the best option I can find for my online store, but the documentation is extremely confusing. When I realized I was going to have to figure out everything about the Amazon WebStore by myself, I just went ahead and wrote up what I learned in a helpful organized way, so that others wouldn’t have to suffer (I'm a writer). The “Tutorial Guide to the (beta) Amazon WebStore” is totally free. Your readers can download a 57-page pdf, or read the the Guide, at

  • justpros

    Hey Robin,

    Thanks for the info. I'm sure anyone reading this will really appreciate the help. I know it will help us as well. Looks like you took some time going through it. It's too bad that they work so hard to put out a great tool, and don't make the documentation along the way. A great tool does nothing if no one can figure out how to make it work.


  • Ecommerce Software

    Wow it is amazing.I think I should try it into my
    Ecommerce Website so that it can get a lot of visitors..
    Thanks for this blog.I’ll share it with my facebook friends.

  • Ecommerce

    There 100s of platform for ecommerce website development are available on the web, but one that got more popularity is Yahoo Store. It’s a complete ecommerce solution and offers many features to enhance the store.

  • segmentation marketing

    Nice post. I gathered a lot of information from here. It is good to know about the software applications promoted by yahoo for e-commerce. I will look forward to them. Thanks for the share.

  • make your own store

    I am a big fan of oscommerce and zen cart as I have noticed they look better that other software.

  • ECommerce Website Solutions

    One great advantage to having a Yahoo! Merchant Solutions online store is our superb Yahoo! Merchant Solutions Developer Network — a network of professional developers who specialize in the Yahoo! Merchant Solutions platform, and who are ready and eager to help you get the most out of your store.

  • magento oscommerce import

    This is very impressive.

  • Linda Lovelace
  • Mitul Patel – Cromosys

    I am good to see some advanced features….this will also help to build the magento developments Ecommerce stores…

  • hallary duff

    This is the first time I’ve read such a good article, really very good,I hope there still can continue to read such a good article.
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