New Blog Launches!

New Blog Launches!

After much design work, Just Professionals kicks off the new 2010 year with a new blog style. We aim to bring the community some informational posts to cover all aspects of web development and marketing.

Be on the look out for posts about new designs, best practices in programming, and the latest news for marketing your site to the search engines. Please help us out to make this blog awesome! If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment and let us know.

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About Jeremy Woertink (Sr. Developer)

As a Ruby programmer, and E-commerce professional, Jeremy helped Just Professionals get to where it is today. He provides the programming muscle to Just Professionals, and plays the bass guitar in a local band for fun.
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  • Jason Miller

    That's awesome, the blog looks great!

  • Jeff Sandrini

    Thanks for nice information. We are same in this field …

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