Free Marketing Seminar for Local Las Vegas Businesses a Success

Free Marketing Seminar for Local Las Vegas Businesses a Success

A free business marketing seminar hosted in conjunction with Just Professionals and CBS Radio on April 27, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada was a success. The event, held at Sierra Gold, offered local businesses information on ways to market their businesses on both Internet and radio. In what was described as an investment in the success of those that attended, Just Professionals and CBS Radio saw over 100 business owners and representatives of the local community over the course of the day.

The presentation, delivered by the President of Just Professionals, Gabriel Shepherd, was offered at four times throughout the day. Also in attendance were the Just Professionals staff and several account executives with CBS Radio. Staff from both sides helped meet and greet attendees and offered answers to questions that arose during the one hour presentation.

Be Good, Be Seen, Be Known

The theme of the presentation: Be Good, Be Seen, Be Known, which Shepherd also referred to as “Triangle Marketing,” outlined the success strategy employed by Just Professionals in its first year of operation. This strategy included maximizing in-house resources to accomplish the following:

  1. Being Good: ensuring that the product produced by a business is high-quality and perceived as such by the public.
  2. Being Seen: ensuring that a business and its products can be easily discovered and are easily visible to those searching
  3. Being Known: ensuring that a business becomes known through some other form of marketing, networking events, or radio.

Encouraged by the overwhelming response by all of the attendees, more events for empowering the local business community are planned in the near future.

For more information on Just Professionals and CBS Radio business marketing events, call 702-739-9200.

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About Kian Mohtadi (Web Marketing Specialist)

Kian is the newest member of Just Professionals offering expertise in the realm of search engine marketing, web development and copywriting.
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  • eCommerce Web Design

    Very good articles and appreciates post.Thanks.

  • Jencie Fajardo

    I really do go along with you – Marketing Small Business Is The Perfect Way To Be Liked By Eager People Where You Reside we must continuously call for a Marketing Local Professionals


  • pay-per-sale

    I agree that the marketing for small business is a must and if done properly can do miracles. Marketing based on location can also be effective to reach the local customers and get better sales.

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