gives Draw Something fanatics a place to showoff gives Draw Something fanatics a place to showoff

OMGPOP, recently bought by Zynga Inc. (NASDAQ:ZNGA) shell-shocked the mobile gaming development community with the seemingly overnight success of its incredibly popular app Draw Something.

But like many other Internet sensations, it is creating an entire ecosystem of supplementary websites and tools to feed users’ addiction. One in particular – – cleverly uses a Pinterest-style layout to create a central community for app users to upload and share screenshots of their masterpieces.

The recently launched also allows these user-submitted pictures to be critiqued by the community. Once you log in to, you can not only upload your ‘Picasso,’ but you can leave comments on other pictures, give a drawing a “thumbs up,” and of course share a picture to your Facebook wall or Twitter followers. The talent on display ranges from stick figures to “How’d they do that?” The commenting system at provides a fun way for users to compliment, poke fun or dive into a deep discussion interpreting a picture.

This might not be the first or last time it happens, but time and again, we see entrepreneurship spawn these type of networks that benefit the originator of a popular new idea. In many cases, they even create new successes.

The website was developed by, a Las Vegas-based tech startup think tank. The NOCAB Group website is currently only a splash page, but it touts the increasingly present #VegasTech hashtag.

VegasTech declares allegiance to the increasingly popular tech community movement that created recent successes including Rumgr, a location-based app that helps you “Sell Stuff Locally.” Just recently, Tracky made a huge splash with the news of its funding success and innovative approach to online collaboration with a social emphasis that promises to “bridge the gap between your personal and professional circles.”

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    Now I’ve been a sketcher for God knows how long now. And this by far serves as a sign that I shouldn’t give-up my dream of becoming an artist.

  • Ashley

    Drawing has always been a great interest of mine and with this I can further hone my skills.

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