Web Design Client Sushi Nomads Wins National Media Exposure

Web Design Client Sushi Nomads Wins National Media Exposure

Just Professionals client, Sushi Nomads, has achieved national attention with their sushi restaurant review website. In an article published by the Shreveport Times called Sushi Nomads Web Site a Big Hit, the site founders describe how their love for sushi spawned the idea for a website and how Just Professionals web design and custom development brought it to fruition.

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Click here to read Sushi Nomads Web Site a Big Hit

Sushi Nomads Website Functions and Features

Powered by Just Professionals

  • Sushi Nomad Logo
  • Directory Based Restaurant Review System
  • Custom Map Integration
  • Event Calendar
  • Integrated Twitter Feed
  • Restaurant Review Feed
  • Site Visitor Review System
  • Rating System with Custom Graphical Theme

Just Professionals can do all of this and more to meet any custom requirements.

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