Business Promotion with Local Search Directories and 20 Sites to Start

Business Promotion with Local Search Directories and 20 Sites to Start

Optimizing your website to maximize your visibility in major search engines should be one facet of a business’s total promotional effort that includes submission to plentiful number of local search directories. The process of creating a listing for your business and website on these search directories can be tedious, time-consuming, repetitive work, but in the end can pay off in a several significant ways explained below.

Less Competition in Search Results

Less competition in search

Every local search directory is effectively a mini-version of a major search engine. By submitting your business information to more of these web sites than your competitors, you effectively outrank them on any individual directory.  For example, if you own a pool cleaning company in Las Vegas, and were to create a listing on a directory with no other pool cleaning companies in Las Vegas, your company would be the only result for a visitor looking for those services on that particular web site. In this way you can win potential customers without being at the top of google for “las vegas pool cleaner.”

Potential For Multiple Search Engine Results

You need to consider each individual business listing you create on the web is an opportunity for your business to rank on in search engine results. It isn’t uncommon for our clients to have several results for their keywords in major search engines: one for their website, results in local search results in Google, Yahoo! and Bing, as well as one or more from their off-site listings. It is no surprise to see that multiple results for a business will result in a greater number of visits to your website.

Diversity in Branding and Information

One of the major factors search engines deem friendly is unique content. The variations between each local search directory offers a chance for business owners to really maximize the effectiveness of their listings by using the allowed features to the fullest. No two search directories will ask for the same input to create your listing, so you can vary your business description in length and content, categorize your business differently, and upload images. The end result will be a variety of unique, informative and search engine friendly web presences for your business.

Allow Customers to Review Your Business with Ease

Get reviews for your business

Most local search directories function as an easy way for consumers to share experiences about a business. Being listed in as many business directories as possible makes soliciting your customer’s feedback effortless. There is a direct relationship between the number of reviews a company has online and how visible they become in local search results. Even bad reviews are more beneficial for gaining visibility than no reviews!

Getting Started With Local Search Directories

There are an infinite number of local directories on the internet. Some require a fee, and others free. Some are very user-friendly, attractive and useful, others are completely useless garbage. To help you get started here is a list of 20 local search directories I always begin with.

  1. Google Maps
  2. Yahoo! Local
  3. Bing
  5. Yelp
  7. Matchpoint
  8. insiderpages
  10. YellowBot
  11. Merchant Circle
  12. HotFrog
  13. Kudzu
  14. Best of the Web
  15. CitySquares
  16. LasVegas.Net
  17. Supermedia
  18. Yellowbook
  19. Judy’s Book
  20. Localeze
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