Five Crucial Factors a Web Site Needs to Survive in 2010

Five Crucial Factors a Web Site Needs to Survive in 2010


Does the appearance of my web site enhance or obstruct the delivery of my message?

Making a first impression is just as important on the Internet as it is in the physical world. Successful websites tend to start with an emphasis on superior graphic design. Ensuring your web site is attractive to new visitors and appropriate for your content will make it memorable.

A good web design standard can be accomplished by:

  • Keeping page layout in mind.  Busy layouts are often harder to read which pushes your potential users away.  A correct use of spacing can highlight the features on your site and give your potential users a very satisfying website visit.
  • Using inviting colors and a consistent color scheme to welcome visitors.  It is very important to use colors that do not clash.
  • Utilizing correct CSS and HTML markup standards.  Great design can look amazing on one browser, but not on another.  Make sure your markup is compatible on all major browsers.


Does my web site offer a simple to use, easy to navigate experience to my visitors?

Website functionality is the bridge between the content you offer and your visitors’ ability to access information, products, and features you provide. Success of any website demands this bridge be kept as short as possible. All aspects of your web site, from page structure to navigation to site architecture should be consistent in simplicity and intuitive to your visitors.

A good standard of usablity can be acheived by:

  • Logical organization of site architecture and the information
  • Navigation that remains consistent throughout website
  • Use of footer navigation and/or html sitemaps


Will I be able to effectively maintain my own website?

The technology behind web sites has changed considerably in the past few years. Most empower the not-so-web-saavy to create and maintain full control of their web site through what is called a CMS(Content Management System). The advent of content management systems, such as blogs, have encouraged the evolution of web sites to grow and expand over time with new infusion of content.

Getting started with content management systems:

  • Choose the proper type of CMS for your web site
  • Employ a professional web developer to customize the CMS according to your needs
  • Utilize dynamic content to keep your web site fresh


How will your site make money?

The best idea for a website is only good if there is potential to profit from the work and resources surely invested into it.  Even if your website is not intended for profit, doesn’t mean it can generate revenue for a charity or other non-profit organization. If the web site is intended to promote a business or services, consider selling some logo t-shirts or coffee mugs online.  If you have a strictly informational website, advertising programs like google adsense are an easy way to generate a check.

Options for monetizing your website:

  • Solicit donations with a paypal button
  • Build an e-commerce site or add purchasing functionality for select products
  • Include an advertising program from google adsense program into content


Are you ready to facebook, twitter and buzz?

It used to be that search engine optimization was the only way to drive traffic to your web site from the Internet. All that has changed now with the popularity of social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google Buzz. Being well versed in social media is a huge boost to your ability to promote your web site and is becoming an essential component of the strategies used by SEO companies. The obvious benefit of social media promotion is they are all very easy to use and there is virtually no limit to benefit these networks can create.

Getting started with social media by:

  • Get a Facebook account and learn how to use it
  • Sign up for Twitter and start following and getting followed
  • Experiment with other social networks and find one’s that best fit your taste
  • StumbleUpon
  • Facebook
  • Google Bookmarks
  • Technorati
  • Digg
  • Mixx
  • Reddit
  • Slashdot
  • Design Float
  • email
  • RSS
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    I completely agree with your points, particularly #1. Sometimes people have a tendency to overload their websites with unnecessary graphics and other things that people get confused about the point of the site.

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    Thanks for sharing this nice tutorial.

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